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Coming SOON

A Women's Wealth 

Designing Financial Confidence

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Coming early December 2023.

A Woman’s Wealth: Designing Financial Confidence is a comprehensive guide to empower women in navigating their financial journeys, addressing both the emotional and practical aspects. Drawing upon collaborations with experts in various fields, including finance, psychology, law, education, and the arts, readers will be carefully guided through a transformative process of self-discovery. This process unveils money patterns that often originated in earlier versions of ourselves, potentially dating back to our childhoods.

While the internet offers many tools to assist with budgeting, calculating net worth, understanding retirement planning, and even drafting a will, many of us have, for various reasons, hesitated to tackle these important tasks.

Through a combination of compelling stories, artistic elements, and practical worksheets, A Woman’s Wealth provides readers with the tools to cultivate financial confidence for both today and tomorrow.